Is Mourinho in London to sign at Chelsea? No way Jose!

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IS JOSE Mourinho in London?
Could he be in line for a shock return to Chelsea?
Goaltastic has received a tip off from a Spanish mole who seems to think he’s about to depart Real Madrid for a return to the Blues – and he’s sent us photographic and video evidence to prove it.
Goaltastic however begs to differ – this is most clearly codswallop – but it’s pretty neat the lengths my ‘topo’ is going to to convince me.
There’s more below, click the pics to embiggen…
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Pretty Special, huh?


We want More-inho

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SPECIAL One Jose Mourinho has confirmed rumours he plans a return to English football after leaving Real Madrid.
He said: “I miss England and my next job will be in England. There is unfinished business.
“And I think England wants me back, no?
“It was the most enjoyable time of my career.”
After the rollercoaster of his time with Chelsea, I don’t think anyone would not want Mourinho back managing on these shores.
The questions, then, are when, and with who?