Spying coach was dressed ‘like Rambo’

A COACH for Italian club Genoa was caught spying in on rivals Sampdoria ahead of their next match dressed “like Rambo”.
Youth team coach Luca De Pra has been suspended after he was spotted lurking in a wooded area close to Sampdoria’s training base in full military gear.
Genoa have said that the coach was acting alone and not carrying out an official spying mission.
Sampdoria said in a statement: “That the derby is a question of nerve, tactics and strategy we already knew, but frankly we could never expect that it could turn into an scene of espionage.
“Like Rambo hidden among the branches on the hill, Luca De Pra, Genoa goalkeeping coach and man of noble footballing ancestry, failed to overcome Sampdoria’s intelligence and counter intelligence operations.
“However, no prisoners were taken, and no blood was shed.
“Once tracked down and caught red-handed, the opposing side’s soldier was let free to return to base.
“You should always forgive your enemies, as nothing annoys them more.”


Title tattoo pledge by Roberto Mancini

roberto mancini.jpeg
MANCHESTER City boss Roberto Mancini must have an inkling they’ll do well this season.
The Italian manager is set to have a tattoo of the club’s crest done if he can steer the club to the Premier League title this season.
The tattoo would go alongside his Sampdoria stamp which was etched to commemorate winning Serie A with the side.
However Mancini should probably wait until he actually wins the thing – last season Manchester City fan Kirk Bradley had the words “Manchester City 2011 Champions League Winners” tattooed on his arm, only for the side to miss out on qualification to Spurs.