Paper suggests playing Qatar 2022 World Cup at night

WITH suggestions that a winter World Cup may be needed to allow winning bidder Qatar to host the 2022 footballing showpiece, an inspired suggestion has been put forward by the Mirror – play the tournament at night.
In his article here, journalist Ed Malyon proposes a nighttime tournament, which would allow the tournament to go ahead in cooler temperatures, still in summer and at a time to suit audiences in Europe and America to boot.
He says: “An idea which, rather surprisingly hasn’t really surfaced as an alternative despite making all the sense in the world – or at least as much sense as a World Cup in Qatar can.
“Play it at night.
“Breathtakingly simple, but also sane.
“Average temperatures at midnight are nearly half that of the daily high during the summer, the time difference would make it perfectly acceptable for viewing audiences in Europe and the Americas and, best of all, there is no need for widescale disruption to the majority of the world’s domestic leagues.”
He does add however though that “with this being FIFA though, the very presence of common sense is likely to rule any idea out of the running”.
Inspired. no? Made me think.


Mr Plow, that’s his name, that name again is Mr Plow

john terry.jpeg
CHELSEA captain John Terry has splashed out on his coolest vehicles yet – a fleet of snowploughs.
After the recent wintery weather the 30-year-old defender snapped up a Polar, a powerful quad bike with a snow plough , to ride around his estate, and was so impressed he bought another two.
Lloyd Gove of On-A-Hill Garage, ilfracombe, said: “We delivered the bike to his home at Oxshott in Surrey when the snow was thick before Christmas.
“I’m not a Chelsea fan but he was a nice guy and we’re certainly glad of his business. I just hope he mentions us to some other Premier League footballers.”

Winter World Cup on the cards?

snowed off.jpg
A WINTER World Cup could be on the cards in 2022 to avoid the scorching heat of Qatar’s summer.
FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said that rescheduling the traditionally summertime tournament is a real possibility, an idea also proposed by UEFA’s Michel Platini.
He said: “I definitely support playing in winter when the climate is appropriate.
“I’m thinking about the footballers, not only the fans but the actors.”
Not sure quite how clubs in the European football leagues such as the Premiership would react to having an international tournament plonked in the middle of their season though…