Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand for the Champions League Anthem

ROUSING stuff, sends a shiver down your spine – is it bad that I’ve listened to this about a dozen times today?
Bring on Barcelona vs. Man Utd already!


Boom time continues for Stjarnan

VIRAL Icelanders Stjarnan FC done scored a goal – allowing them to unleash yet another well rehearsed goal celebration on the world.
After fishing, cycling, rampaging, birthing and more, the team have developed an explosive hand grenade routine.
Where do they get their ideas?
In other news rumours that celebrity choreographer Brian Friedman has been spotted buying shinpads in downtown Reykjavik have yet to be confirmed.

Catch another celebration from fishy footballers

ICELANDIC side Stjarnan, who are currently blazing a trail across the internet thanks to their fishing goal celebration, have form when it comes to routines.
As well as the fishing routine on You Tube, there’s footage of a toy soldier-style parade, an impromptu ballroom dance and Goaltastic’s personal favourite, a Rambo-esque killing spree.
It all makes Peter Crouch’s robot dance look pretty lame – let’s hope they continue to have a successful season.