Playing the Blues

CHAMPIONSHIP-chasing Chelsea FC football players Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda are also targeting the pop charts.
According to reports, the footballers have formed a band. Malouda plays the drums, while Drogba is learning to play a bass guitar given to him by Wyclef Jean.
Malouda says he wants John Terry or Joe Cole on vocals.
The French midfielder said: “We are just at the beginning of the process and trying to start something special.”

Swapsies, anyone?

NOW I’m no stranger to geekery – I seem to have become the unofficial IT guy in the newsroom, and I’ve played a game of Dungeons And Dragons in my time.
But I have “levelled up” my geekery a notch this week. I couldn’t help it.
There I was, queuing in my local supermarket, when the words “Free” and “Sticker Album” caught my eye.
Two days later, and I’ve got a Panini South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup sticker collection including the likes Frank Lampard, Fernando Torres, Kaka, John Terry, Didier Drogba and, er, Steve Cherundolo.
Only 600 or so stickers to go…
So if anyone out there wants to do swapsies with a rather sad 27-year-old man, drop me a line.