Manchester derby – A Red view

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YESTERDAY Sound Advice had the Manchester City point of view ahead of what’s has been billed as the biggest game in Premier League history.
And today Manchester United fan Geof Marshall – who’s a massive Red Devil, cut him, he bleeds, er, red – shares his thoughts ahead of the Manchester derby title decider.
He said: “I’m delighted to see that Mancini is trusting Balotelli, he could be our best player!
“Don’t think we will have a problem scoring, the key being to defend better than we did last week – I am sure Fergie will have mentioned it.
“Overall, I suppose City have much more to lose (like a manager and maybe some key players) so I’m optimistic but a bit nervous… can’t wait for the final whistle.”

The secret cross-dressing of Mario Balotelli

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IN REVEALING a two-year affair with Manchester City star Mario Balotelli, Chloe Evans has spilled the beans on the striker’s love of cross-dressing.
Apparently the Italian footballer agreed to donning make-up and a blonde wig in a one off session.
Chloe recalled: “I will never forget the day I gave him a girlie makeover — he loved it.
“We were a bit bored and messing about so I turned him into a WAG for a laugh!
“We got a blonde wig and used my make-up — and before you knew it he was Marilyn Balotelli!
“It was so funny. The lipstick was a really pale pink so it was hilarious against his skin.
“I put it on him really carefully, he kept laughing so it nearly smudged. And he had loads of pink blusher on too.
“I got a blonde wig I had at the time and put that on him too to complete the look.
“Mario loved it. He started prancing around and posing in front of the mirror admiring himself.
“He shook his bum really fast doing silly moves to make me laugh. It was hilarious and then he looked in the mirror and said he was prettier than me.”
Dennis Rodman he ain’t, but still – the mind boggles.

Kenny Dalglish to be subtitled in Liverpool documentary

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AMERICAN TV producers plan to subtitle Liverpool’s Scottish manager Kenny Dalglish in a new documentary being filmed behind the scenes at Anfield.
The Fox Soccer channel promises to show ‘things no one outside the inner sanctum has seen or experienced before’ with its six part fly-on-the-wall Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone.
But for American audiences famed for struggling with British dialects, King Kenny may need to be translated for viewers.
David Nathanson, executive vice-president of Fox Soccer, said:”The ownership and management understand for this to be compelling television we need to document everything that happens – the good, the bad and the ugly.
“This is not a soft promotional piece. This is the inner workings revealed for the first time.”

Manchester derby – A Blue view

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THIS Monday’s Manchester derby will see either City or United emerge top of the table with just two more matches to play.
The stakes could not be higher as Manchester United chase down a record 20 league titles, while Manchester City chase their third top tier title, their first title since 1968.
Ahead of the big match, pre-Poznan City fan Dan Grimsley shares his thoughts: “Going into the game I am nervous, knowing that if the boys win their last three games we have won the league.
“The derby itself is the biggest one for years.
“I cannot wait to see what unfolds on Monday, if the likes of Aguero and Silva are on form I cannot see us being stopped.
“I just hope the blue moon keeps rising…”

QPR rejected Chelsea ‘guard of honour’ proposal

QPR manager Mark Hughes snubbed a Premier League suggestion for his team to form a guard of honour for London rivals Chelsea on Sunday as an alternative to the cancelled pre-match handshake, he has revealed.
Hughes admitted his surprise at the guard of honour idea following Chelsea beating Barcelona over two legs to reach the Champions League final, saying: “They were looking for solutions for the game at the weekend and the Premier League were throwing things out there and said at one point that one alternative would be to form a guard of honour and clap Chelsea onto the pitch, and I’m thinking there is absolutely no chance of that happening.”
However the Premier League later denied the suggestion had been made, with a Premier League spokesman saying: “It was never under consideration. The board would never have suggested or agreed to it.”

Goaltastic Season Survey results

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THE votes are in, the results have been counted – granted, it’ didn’t take very long – and here are the results of the inaugral Goaltastic season survey.
A few names dominate the player of the year categories.
Domestically, it was a landslide for Robin van Persie, while worldwide, Lionel Messi destroyed the competition in the surveys takes as well as on the field.
The signing of the season however split the vote – with the names of Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, Newcastle’s Demba Ba and Spurs’ Scott Parker all topping the poll.
Most entertaining vote saw Mario Balotelli pipping City teammate David Silva and Gunner Robin van Persie, with the Dutchman also jointly topping success of the season, alongside Swansea City and Antonio Valencia of Manchester United.
Three teams were named as flops – winner Liverpool, followed by Aston Villa and Wolves.
And the answer to who would you like to see playing in the Premier League next season?
Santos’ Neymar and Messi were the favourites – altough an honourable mention must go to the answer Leeds United!

Goaltastic Fantasy Football League – Gameweek 35

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I’M FEELING twitchier than John Terry’s right leg as we approach the Fantasy Football league finish line.
With just three gameweeks to play, the top two – Can’t Touch This and Ninja Avengers – maintain their positions, with myself in third and Bangkok Foxes in fourth creeping up the listings.
In fact the top seven teams all have broken the 2,000 point barrier and could all realistically snatch victory in the coming three gameweeks of fixtures.
Top scorer this week was the last placed team!
Well done Silverdome FC in 78th place, who scored a massive five points more than any other manager with 74 points.