Deaf refs are best

REFEREES without any sense of hearing are better than able bodied officials, research has found.
The results have nothing to do with being able to ignire the abuse hurled at them from players, managers and the terraces – it’s because adults born deaf react more quickly to objects at the edge of their visual field, according to the University of Sheffield.
Dr Charlotte Codina, who undertook the study as part of her RNID-funded PhD said: “We found that deaf children see less peripherally than hearing children, but, typically, go on to develop better than normal peripheral vision by adulthood.”

Wolves launch raunchy underwear range

NOW when fans of Wolves buy their other halves new underwear, they can buy them Molineux underwear.
Because the Premier League outfit have launched their own range of underwear for female fans to show their support – including Wanderers-themed bras, French knickers and stockings.
Businessman Paul Robinson, who dreamt up the idea with friend Jon Guy, said: “Women make up around 20 per cent of football supporters but only three to five per cent of club merchandise is aimed at them.
“All there seems to be for women in club shops up and down the country are pink T-shirts.
“I looked at all the Premier League club brochures and found no one was doing anything sassy for female fans.”

Goaltastic League Update – Gameweek 15

huge tackle.JPG
THE snowy wintery weather has seen a freeze on the top teams’ placings in the Goaltastic League.
After Gameweek 15’s matches, the top six teams all maintain their posititions, meaning huge tackle keeps top spot, with all posting practicaly identical scores.
Lower down, some teams did creep up the table, including Sven You’re Smiling (7), Melchester Rovers (9), Your Mum FC (11), and Partizan Endmorvia (13), who registered a massive 84 points haul.
Want to enter your team in the inaugural Goaltastic league?
To do so, put together a team for free here, and then join the competition by using the code 183-84.
League Updates will be blogged at this site throughout the season.

UEFA are wrong to charge Mourinho over red cards

jose mourinho.jpeg
UEFA has opened disciplinary procedures against Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho and four of the club’s players for improper conduct during their 4-0 Champions League win against Ajax.
Along with the manager, red carded players Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos as well as captain Iker Casillas and reserve goalkeeper Jerzy Dude all face fines for their involvement in the controversial dismissals in the game on Tuesday.
The two players were shown second yellow cards for timewasting, picking up suspensions for the meaningless tie against Auxerre, rather than risking a ban during the knockout stages.
UEFA is dead wrong to do this, and is wasting everyone’s time.
The plan concucted by Real Madrid may have been underhand, but it was entirely within the rules – they had performed well enough to have this advantage, and they used it.
Both dismissals were technical yellow cards, nobody was hurt, and the result was unaffected.
Neither player was guaranteed to be played, let alone booked, in the Auxerre match, with Real Madrid already through the groups, and with the Ajax game already won, I fail to see their actions as particularly unsporting against any side specifically.
I see this as the same as resting a player to avoid them picking up an injury – is that unsporting behaviour or intelligent management?
This was a tactic to expose a flaw in the system, and as such action should taken against the system and not the team that used it to their advantage.

Bolton players endulge in fargling

THAT’S rock paper scissors by the way, nothing seedy.
Bolton boss Owen Coyle has revealed that his team’s eyebrow raising form in the Premier League is due to the team spirit in the dressing room.
And that team spirit is a result of one thing – rock paper scissors.
He said: “Footballers are just big kids at heart. I know these lads are working hard – but they are also doing it with a smile on their face.
“The lads do a ‘scissors, paper, rock’ thing and there is a punishment for the loser. So they are getting good at playing it – or else. The loser gets his ears flicked and it is painful.
“I stay out of it with the size of ears I’ve got! But it is great to see them having a bit of fun together. There is a great spirit in this group.”
Firstly, how can you be good at playing rock paper scissors, a game of choosing one of three options at random?
And can you imagine how good Bolton are going to be after Christmas when Johann Elmander gets that game of Monopoly he’s asked Santa for?

Kevin Keegan’s dead dog ruined Man United move for keeper

GERMAN international goalkeeper Uli Stein turned down an offer from Manchester United – because of Kevin Keegan’s dead dog.
In 1987, soon after Sir Alex Ferguson had taken over at Old Trafford, Stein was approached about moving from Bundesliga side Hamburg.
But knowing Kevin Keegan’s pet pooch had copped it in quarantine when he moved to the UK after a stint in Germany, Stein turned the Red Devils’ offer down.
He said: “If you want to go to England you have to put your dog in quarantine for six months for anti-rabies laws.
“When Kevin Keegan went back to England from Hamburg he had to put his dogs in quarantine for six months and, if I remember right, one of them did not make it.
“My wife and I are animal lovers and we decided we could not take that risk with our dog.”

Old Firm still too soft for Premier League

old firm.jpg
LAST night’s Champions League Battle of Britain showdown between Manchester United and Glasgow Rangers was more of a standoff.
The match, which was about as much of a spectacle as watching me type this post up, eventually saw weary Rangers succumb to a late penalty from Wayne Rooney, making a total of one goal from 12 yards after 180 minutes of play between the two this season.
From time to time the issue of the Glasgow giants of Rangers and Celtic and how they would fare in the English Premier League is discussed – and last night’s evidence should count as a massive argument to not combining the Scottish teams with their Southern counterparts.
Despite being top of their domestic league, Rangers were resorting to stifling tactics and a five man defence from the outset last night, and rarely progressed past the halfway line despite needing to win to retain any chance of staying in the Champions League.
Manchester United are a top team, but they’re not even at their top form at present – throw Scotland’s finest into a league with sides of their calibre and I worry you’ll end up with the Glasgow teams completing on a level with the teams from Swansea and Cardiff rather than London and Manchester.