Downing to be downgraded to defence

stewart downing.jpg
LAST season Stewart Downing was set to be Liverpool’s supply line for £35m target man Andy Carroll – this season Downing is set to fight the likes of Jose Enrique for the left-back spot.
After a season of 36 league appearances, no assists and no goals – with the only statistic of real note being that Downing became the first Premier League player in seven years to miss three consecutive penalties – new boss Brendan Rogers is set to take drastic action.
He said: “I think it is a big possibility that he can play left back. If you look at the modern-day full-backs, Alba, Ashley Cole – Ashley Cole was a centre-forward.
“When Middlesbrough reached the Uefa Cup final against Sevilla, he played left-back on that run. Sometimes it can release the pressure on players. His job at the top end of the pitch is to create and score goals.
“Time will tell. I don’t like to just give up on players.”
In other news, Carroll has been given a security job, while Charlie Adam is to take up a new role in catering.

4 thoughts on “Downing to be downgraded to defence

  1. Since when is playing at wingback a downgrade? In the modern game its probably one of the most influential positions there is. To me its more of a promotion than anything. Certainly taking on more responsibility at the back while still getting forward and exploiting the space created by the likes of Sterling/Assaidi.

  2. After the 1994 World Cup, Jack Charlton came forward and stated that he believed the full back to be the most important player in attacking movement. Whoever wrote this article doesn’t have a clue.

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